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Separation Equipment Sales, Inc.

Centrifuge: AS16-all-SS

New Centrifuges · Used Centrifuges

Separation Equipment Sales, Inc. distributes a wide range of new and used centrifuges. Our centrifuge sales have included Horizontal Solid Bowl Decanter centrifuges and Vertical Tubular Bowl centrifuges manufactured by:

  • Sharples
  • Alfa Laval Sharples
  • Pennwalt
  • Tomoe Engineering
  • CEPA - Carl Padberg

Horizontal solid bowl Decanter centrifuges are specially developed for effective separation of slurries into liquid and solid phases. Our selection of Vertical Tubular Bowl centrifuges, Laboratory centrifuges and Super centrifuges are used to continuously separate two immiscible liquids having different specific gravities or to clarify a liquid and producing up to 50,000g force. » Centrifuge Applications

New and Used Centrifuges

Separation Equipment Sales provides sales of new or used centrifuges as well as replacement parts, service, repair and reconditioning of Sharples, Alfa Laval Sharples, Pennwalt, Tomoe Engineering and CEPA - Carl Padberg separation equipment. We provide check, test, startup and training on Sharples, Alfa Laval Sharples and Pennwalt centrifuges. Separation Equipment Sales is proud to be your single source supplier for all the fine products in this highly specialized market.

Centrifuge: P3rp-car

Centrifuge Sales & Service
Repair & Replacement Parts

Sales, Rental, Service, Repair and replacement parts for Sharples, Alfa Laval Sharples, Pennwalt, Tomoe and CEPA - Carl Padberg Centrifuges incorporating following model numbers:

  • T1
  • AS12
  • AS14
  • AS15
  • AS16
  • AS26
  • P660
  • P1500
  • P2000
  • P3000
  • P3400
  • PM35000
  • PM36000
  • LE1
  • Z41
  • Z61
  • Z81
  • Z101
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