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Decanters - Super-D-Canters

Super-D-Canters manufactured by Sharples Company, Pennwalt Corp and Tomoe Engineering Company

A Super-D-Canter is a solid bowl centrifuge, horizontally mounted, designed for separation of slurries into liquid and solid phases. The solids are discharged continuously through the scrolling section of a screw conveyor which rotates at a differential speed imparted by an integrally mounted planetary gear box.

The superiority of Sharples, Pennwalt and Tomoe Super-D-Canter is determined by the following factors.

  1. Super-D-Canter operates on the centrifugal sedimentation process. The high sedimentation efficiency and torque capability enables the Super-D-Canter to absorb feed variations more effectively than other types of centrifuge or separation equipment.
  2. Super-D-Canter adds to improved production by it's continuous operation. Lesser controls and minimum operation required. Super-D-Canter can replace batch and continuous filters and static sedimentation methods.
  3. Major application areas for Super-D-Canter include Clarification of liquids, Classification of liquids, Concentration of solids and Dewatering of lsolids.
  4. Savings in Energy, space, manpower and maintenance cost can make A Super-D-Canter an economic and trouble free equipment in your plant.
  5. In effluent sludge dewatering, the Super-D-Canter can reduce or totally eliminate expensive preconditioning of feed.

The Super-D-Canter Centrifuges manufactured by Sharples Company, Pennwalt Corp and Tomoe Engineering Company comprises of following major sub assemblies.

  1. Solid Bowl
  2. Conveyor
  3. Gear Box
  4. Casing
  1. Frame
  2. Sub Base
  3. Drive system
  4. Control System


Super-D-Canters: P3400 sanitary application
  • P3400 sanitary application
P3400 Wyeth
  • PM35000 waste water application
P660 centrifuge
  • P660 R & D
  • P3000

Specification Options on Solid Bowl Decanters Manufactured by Sharples Company, Pennwalt Corp and Tomoe Engineering Company

Model Number P600, P660, P1500, P2000, P3000, P3400
PM20000, PM30000, PM35000, PM36000
Casing Design Atmospheric, V. Lip Seal, S. Mech. Seal, C. I. P.
Discharge Configuration Two Phase, Three Phase, Centripetal Pump
Rotating Assembly 304 SS, 316 SS, 316L SS, 316T1 SS
Duplex SS, FMN Nidalloy CRO6N
Machine Finish Non-Hygenic, Hygenic, Sanitary
Planetary gear box P42, P64, P95, P125
Bowl Extension Plain, Grooved
Conveyor Pitch 2.48". 4.25", 5.00" 5.00 Double lead
Conveyor Protection Brazed Carbide Tile, Bonded Carbide Tile
Brazed Stellite Tile, Hard Facing, None
Conveyor Type Helical, QX, TX, FX, FT, QT
Bowl Liner Plain Stainless Steel, Ribbed, Plain Stellite
Ribbed Stellite
Beach Liner Not fitted, SS, Stellite
BD Feature BD1, BD2, BD3
Feed Zone Type Side Insert, 4 port straight through,
4 port directional, Integral Hygienic,

BD2, BD3, Enlarged insert

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