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Sharples Super Centrifuges

Overview of the Sharples Super Centrifuge

The Sharples Super Centrifuge is a machine for applying centrifugal force to a liquid. The rotor, called a bowl, has an opening in the bottom to allow the liquid to enter, and openings in the top of the bowl to allow the fluid or fluids to discharge. The fluid entering the rotating bowl is caused to rotate with the bowl. Centrifugal force is generated by rapid rotation. The liquid as it passes from bottom to the top of the bowl, is acted upon by the centrifugal force generated. The separation of liquids is thus effected and removal of solids accomplished. Feed pressure is required to jet the liquid into rotor and the discharge is by overflow at the discharge ports.

Sharples Centrifuge Clarifier design: A clarifier is a centrifuge adjusted to discharge a single liquid from which the solids have been removed by centrifugal force.

Sharples Centrifuge Separator design: The term separation is used to describe the result of gravity or centrifugal force acting on two liquids, such as oil and water. A centrifugal separator is one that is adjusted to continuously separate and discharge these liquids. Since this force is also acting on any solids present, clarification takes place at the same time through the deposit of these solids against the wall of the bowl.

Sharples Centrifuge "Three phase" design: Same as separator design.

Sharples Centrifuge Model:

Sharples Centrifuge AS26
  • Max Bowl Speed: 17000 rpm
  • Max G force: 20000
  • Motor: 5 HP


  • Clarifier design
  • Jacketed barrel in Stainless steel
  • VFD controls
  • Pharmaceutical grade
Sharples AS26SP Centrifuge


  • Clarifier design
  • Tiltable barrel
  • Stainless steel barrel with cooling coils
  • Vfd controls
  • Biotech / Pharmaceutical grade
Sharples AS26SP centrifuge
  • AS26SP on a portable skid complete with explosion proof starter, electrical wiring, stainless steel piping.
  • Barrel shown in tiltable position to facilitate centrifuge bowl removal
Sharples Centrifuge AS26


  • Mild Steel Stand
  • Stainless Steel Barrel
  • Stainless Steel Cooling Coils
Sharples centrifuge 20-AS26-clar

AS26 Clarifier

Sharples AS26-pil centrifuge

AS26 Clarifier or Separator

Sharples centrifuge AS26VB


Sharples Laboratory Centrifuges are available as Clarifiers or Separators. Sharples Laboratory Centrifuges can be powered three ways:

  1. Electric
  2. Compressed air
  3. Steam Turbine

Sharples Centrifuge Model: T-1, T-1R, T-1P

Sharples Centrifuge Driven by Compressed Air
29 cfm @ 40 psi
Max Bowl Speed: 50,000 rpm
Sharples Centrifuge
Driven by single phase motor
120V or 240V
Maximum Bowl Speed: 23000 rpm

Sharples Centrifuge Model:
G.I. / 5A, AS12, AS14, AS15, AS16, AS16VB

Sharples Centrifuge Front Mounted Drag Assembly
Max Bowl Speed: 17000 rpm
Max Motor HP: 3

Frame and Barrel in Mild steel
All product contact parts in stainless steel
Separator design
Sharples AS16-all-ss Centrifuge Bottom mounted Drag Assembly
Max Bowl Speed: 17000 rpm
Max Motor HP: 5

All stainless steel
Clarifier design
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