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Centrifuge Parts

Parts for Sharples, Pennwalt, Tomoe and Cepa Centrifuges

Models AS12, AS14, AS15, AS16, AS16VB, AS26, AS26VB, AS26VBNF, AS26SP, Z41, Z61, Z81, Z101

Centrifuge Bowl: Clarifier, Separator, No foam, Discharge screws, Ring Dam
Three Wing: Plain, Cone, Baffle, Sanitary Design
Bowl Cart: All stainless steel, Multiple Bowls also available
Bowl Slider
Bowl Holder

Centrifuge Bowls & Parts for AS26 Centrifuges

Centrifuge Bowl Parts
  • AS26VBNF Centrifuge
  • Bowls
  • Bowl Slider
  • Three Wing with Baffle
  • Bowl Vice
  • Bowl Support
  • Feed Nozzle
Centrifuge Bowl Cart
  • Stainless Steel Bowl Cart
  • Bowl carts available for multiple bowls

Head Bearing Assembly, spindle nut, male clutch, cushion ring, female clutch, flexible coupling, bearing housing, bearing spacer, bearing retainer, thrust washer, bearing retaining ring, bearing thrust nut, thrust collar retaining ring, bearing lock nut, spindle, coupling nut, spindle guard, bearing base and bearing cover.

Cover Assembly: clarifier, separator or vapor tite configuration. Sanitary applications

Drag Assembly, drag shell, drag spring, drag ferrule, bullet catches, drag body gasket, drag body nut, drag body retaining ring, feed nozzle, drag union ferrule elbow, drag adaptor and drag adaptor gasket

Idler Assembly, Idler pulley cap, idler pulley gasket, idler Pulley lock nuts, Idler pulley, idler spacer, idler filler, idler spindle, idler arm & shaft assembly, idler collar, idler spring, idler arm bearing spacer, idler arm bearing, and idler shaft.

Tools in stainless steel and mild steel

Centrifuge duty motors: 1.5HP, 2HP, 3HP, 5HP, 50/60 hertz, Open Type, TEFC, XP

Cooling coils in copper and stainless steel

Components for AS26 Centrifuge

Centrifuge Parts
  • Stainless steel barrel
  • Stainless steel spindle guard
  • Stainless steel clarifier covers
  • Sanitary ferrule welded to discharge spout
Centrifuge Parts
  • Sanitary feet inlet assembly
  • Grease cup drain connection
  • Coolant connection

Jacketed Barrel
Control Panel

Centrifuge Control Panel for AS26

Jacketed Barrel and Control Panel
  • Unit mounted control panel
  • Speed read-out start/stop push buttons
  • Alarm lights

Model T1, T1R, T1P, LE

Turbine Head Assembly: Turbine head cap, turbine head cap gasket, turbine head spring, spindle nut, bearing assembly, bearing race gasket, turbine head lid, turbine lid gasket, turbine wheel, turbine head, coupling nut , pulley cork lining, and spindle

Motor Bearing Assembly: Spindle pulley, bearing washer retaining ring, bearing spring, ball bearing screw, bearing wear ring, bearing housing, bearing base, nut and spindle

The Drag: Drag Shell, drag bushing, drag washer, drag spring, drag nut, feed nozzle, feed nozzle gasket, nozzle holder and feed tube

Tools: Bowl bottom wrench, bowl coupling wrench, coupling wrench, bowl brush, drag shell wrench, Binding nut wrench, ring dam wrench, soindle nut wrench, bearing cap wrench, three wing puller

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